Novel Summaries/Responses
Students will look at the summaries for each week and follow the instructions below.  Each novel will be sent as a separate email (no attachments)

There are 4 parts to each novel you need to  do for me:

1.  Name of novel and author
2.  List of 10-12 events that happened in the order they happened
3.  6-8 sentence summary of the story based on the 10-12 events you wrote down in #2
4.  Your response to the story.  Give it a rating of 1-10 (10 being awesome), then give me two reasons why you liked or didn't like it using "2 paragraph form" (instructions on how to do this is below)

Soooooo, here's what it should look like:
Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens

Main Characters (list 4 main characters): Oliver, Dodger, Fagin, Bill

Plot:  Make a list of the events that happened in order (around 10-12)
1.  Oliver born in workhouse
2.  Stays in workhouse until 8
3.  Runs away to London
4.  Joins band of pickpockets with Fagin as leader
5.  yada
6.  yada
7.  continued yada

Using the above list of events, write a 3-4 sentence summary of the novel.

Rating:  Give me a score between 1-10.  Then...Give two reasons why you liked or didn't like the story and use examples from the story to support your reasons.  First sentence MUST tell me whether you liked the story or not and include your two reasons.  The rest of that first paragraph MUST support your first reason with examples.  The second paragraph MUST support your second reason with examples

Strict adherence is mandatory.  If you choose not to follow this style and/or my instructions you will not receive a score greater than a 50%.