This project is a really "Brain-Burning" Assignment Designed Especially
for You My Dear Juniors and Seniors.

Choose a theme that you are really passionate about.  For example, maybe you are impassioned with Alaska and its beauty and you want to put together a packet of info for folks to feel your passion for this incredible place.

So, here is what you do:  You start digging for literature that goes along with your passion and let folks get a glimpse of your passion by reading about other's passion.  For example, if you stick with the idea of Alaska, you might look for poems (spell of the yukon), short stories (To Build a Fire), Novels (Alaska by James Michenor), and the like to find phrases, passages, sentences, entire poems, etc. that reflect that passion for Alaska that you have.  So, you need to use your artistic skills to make a type of "scrapbook" about your love.

Topic Ideas:  a place you love, job you want to do, snowmachining, cars, country music, hobby, collections, coffee addiction, beauty, invisible people, God, relationship, the topics are endless.

So, bottomline:  I need 15 pieces from 15 sources.  This means I not only need 15 different sources, but I need the bibliographies of each piece (we'll talk about it in class).  I must have at least 2 pieces from each of the following:
poetry, novels, short stories, and songs.  You may also use other sources as well such as movies, personal narratives, etc. 

This can be a really fun, meaningful experience--or you can throw a bunch of stuff haphazardly and turn in something that is not worth looking at--your choice. 

I will be grading these really hard--meaning that if you get an "A+", it will be because you have made it obvious that you have put time and attention into this.