Journaling Your Reading

As you are reading the Novel pages assigned, you are responsible to journal on a weekly basis.  Here is what needs to be included in your weekly journaling:

1.  Explain in your own words what happened in this week's reading (100-200 words).  I want you to write this summary of the reading as if you are telling a friend of yours about the book.  For example, 

"Lots of cool stuff happening right now.  Jake, the main character, has just moved to a new house by the river in a very rural area.  Coming from Boise, a pretty large city, it's a big shock..."

2.  What was your favorite thing that happened this week?  (at least 100 words)

3.  What did you learn about life through this weeks reading? (at least 100 words)

4.  Who was your favorite character in this weeks reading?  Why?  (at least 100 words)