Oliver Twist
Scrapbooking A Character

For This Project:
~2 Pictures of character from internet
~lyrics from a song or poem that relate to the character's personality (include name of song/poem, author and word/lyrics)
~two of the character's quotes and then describe how each quote helps the reader know the character's personality...so, a quote, and how it emphasizes their personality, then another quote, and how it emphasizes their personality.
~at least two conflicts that happen in the reading between this character and another and describe
~a 300 word journal entry from the character's point of view about an issue(s) happening in the reading, or a newspaper article about an event happening in the reading.

This scrapbook on a character can be done in Word, do on "hard copy" and take a picture of it, or use the poster making app some of you use to do your author/poet posters.
Choose a character from the book (NOT Oliver) and make sure you can find the info below before commiting yourself.