How To Turn In Work
Since all work is submitted as email attachments, most students scan their work with a scanner or a scanner app on their phone....either is fine.  If you do choose to use your phone to scan, the scanner app I recommend is:


The cost is $4.99 and is one I am familiar with.

You will be responsible to do all homework assignments and take notes over each lesson.  Notes and homework will then be turned in by due dates listed on the website for this course.

Follow the procedures below to see how to put your notes and homework together for submission.

*Please note:  Keep your homework and notes separate from each other.  Don’t mix your homework and notes together in one huge pile.  Your grade will be affected when instructions are not followed.

Notes are taken over the reading and the videos.  It is information that you write down so that you have some help when you take the tests (you can use notes for the tests)

Follow the procedures below to see how to put your notes together for submission.

~Make it easy for me to follow your work
~Lesson number at the top of each page (3.1, 3.2, etc.)
~Notes should be written in such a way that if a student were to ask to see your notes, they would be able to understand the lesson based on your notes.  Most students who score well on tests, quizzes, and lessons turn in at least ¾ page of notes for EACH lesson.
**Remember, just because you understand a lesson does not mean you do not have to take notes over it.  I will reduce your grade for skipping lessons in your notes

**IMPORTANT:  Notes are not an option.  They are part of your grade for the course.  If you know how to do the lesson, then taking notes should be simple. 


~Work must be shown or no credit will be given. I realize that some assignments do not have work to be shown and that is fine, but don’t expect to get credit when you copy down the answers from the back of the book and submit them as your work.  Not cool.

*Extra Important:  Do not turn in work that is due in the future with presently due work...this means, don't turn in an assignment that is due in 3 weeks along with assignments currently due.  For example, if lessons 3.1-3.9 are due, don't send 4.1 along with it.  I won't keep track of managing future lessons that are thrown in with current lessons.

Turning in homework and notes
Homework and notes must be submitted by the due dates on the website in the following way:
~scan or take a picture of your homework with your phone and submit them as attachments in an email to:

***Note:  When submitting your work, make sure the subject line of the email is labelled like this:
subject:  your name, elem alg, assignments, whether you are sending notes or homework, or both.

So, it may look like this: 
"Frank Fudderknicht, elem alg, 3.1-3.6 homework"

There is no other method to submit homework, so please submit them only as attachments in an email.

Things to consider when submitting homework in order to get full credit:
1. All work must be right side up (not sideways or upside-down)
2. All work must be legible  
3. All work must be in the correct order (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, etc)
4. Subject line in the email must include the homework lessons being submitted
5. Do not start a new lesson of notes or homework anywhere but at the top of a new page...this means that you cannot have notes for 2.2, then halfway down the page start 2.3 notes.  2.3 notes must begin at the top of a new page.

*An idea:  email your lessons to yourself in order to make sure everything is done correctly before sending them to me.

Homework and notes that are late are reduced one letter grade per day...after one week late NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN.)