Intermediate Algebra
Unit #1
Jan 4-6
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Jan 9-13
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Jan 16-20
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Jan 23-27
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Jan 30-Feb 3
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Feb 5-10
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Feb 13-17
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Feb 20-24
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Mar 6-10
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Apr 10-14
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Apr 3-7
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Mar 27-31
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Mar 20-24
Unit #16
April 24-28
In the past, I have made videos of me taking a math test, then if you watched it, you were given 10 extra points on your test as extra credit.  This is now is no longer an option to watch the video of me grading your test, it is now a requirement.

Here is how it works:
--you take the test and send it to me as usual
--I grade it and take off points depending on the "bigness" of the mistake
--I send you an email with how many points were taken off each problem along with the videos of me taking the test
--you watch the videos and follow along on your test, correcting what you did incorrectly.
--you then send this "fixed" test back to me for 10 extra points.

The purpose of this is to help you better understand the mistakes you are making on the problems and hopefully learn from your mistakes.

Test Grading Is In Your Lap
Unit #17
May 1-5
Spring 2023