English Links
This is the place to go whenever I direct you to a link for more info
Writing  Links
Poetry  Links
Movie  Links
Once you are at the link, do the following to build and email your concept map.

1.  click on "sheet" (upper right)
2.  build map
3.  in "dropdown" menu next to the "save" button, click on "save as" and give your sheet a name.
4.  the name of your sheet will appear in the window on the right

To Send To Mr. Leiter:
1.  highlight the map you want to send from the window on right
2.  click on "dropdown" menu next to the "Sharing" button (upper right)
3.  choose HTML embed code
4.  in new window, click on "copy HTML"
5.  close this window
6.  go to your email account and log in
7.  enter my email, in subject line, name the map the same as you did when you created it
8.  ctrl "paste" and the HTML code will appear in your website
9.  send